Welcome to Dani's Auto Group Inc

Welcome to Dani's Auto Group Inc.

Dani's Auto Group Inc. is your number one choice of quality used cars selection, we are located in the middle of the auto dealerships neighborhood in the North York region where we stand out and strive for a prefect customer service experience. We have been operating since 2007 and we proudly feature our inventory which includes a variety of pre-owned motor vehicles like cars SUV's minivans and trucks, our years of market experience and understanding lead to prices that are very competitive!! We work very hard to get the best for less!

Dani's Auto Group Inc. is a family owned dealership, we are strongly committed to our "no compromise" policy to our top quality inventory and the value of our clientele, our customers find us as their one stop for all future auto services needs as any should arise.

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We are located at 11 St Regis Crescent on the street corner, and we can't be missed.

At Dani's Auto Group inc you will find the most welcoming and gracious staff, we have all the time in the world to provide for you, we carry a stress free staff and promote "any question is answered" policy so call us and visit us at your earliest convenience.

Dani's Auto Group inc is all about continuation of long-lasting relationships with our customers, buying with confidence is our 'Moto' , we guarantee our products and make sure you get the best deal in the city.


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